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The successful American show has been nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, and has been keeping audiences around the world entertained. So You Think You Can Dance has recently been developed in other countries and is now coming to our shores.

Audiences can expect to see a talented group of performers who are very skilled in the art of dance, from Hip-Hop to the Quickstep. Think Strictly Come Dancing MIXED WITH America’s Best Dance Crew. Dancers will have to learn and perform choreographed routines OF A particular style that they may not specialize in. This means a Krumper could have to dance the Jive one week then a Bollywood dance the next. The aim is to become Britain’s Favourite Dancer and win £100,000.

Each week one male and one female dancer will be eliminated from the competition, after performing a couple’s dance and a solo. The choice of who goes is down to you, so make sure you save your favourite.

This website is a dedicated fan-site for the show; we hope to keep you up to date with all the events as they happen, providing videos and latest gossip, no matter where in the world you are. You can also use our forum to communicate with other people on your opinions of the show and what is happening.

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  • Dominic said:

    I need to know the track which played whilst Many’s solo performance in round 4.

  • Sue said:

    I’m confused, the Final didn’t download from BBC iPlayer so I missed it, but I thought from your website that Alastair was allowed to take Robbie’s place due to Robbie’s injury – this does not seem to have been the case, why not?