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Louise Redknapp will be remembered by some for her days as a pop singer in the group Eternal. As a group they had a multi selling album ‘Always & Forever’ and were the first girl group before the Spice Girls to sell over 1 million copies of an album.

Louise was born on 4th November 1974 in Lewisham, London. She was always very talented when as a youngester and loved to sing and dance.

Sadly Eternal seperated in 1995, and Louise decided to go solo, as a soloist she had huge success, managing to have two multi plantinum albums including her successful ‘No Sweat’ tour.

Louise married ex Liverpool and Spurs Midfielder Jamie Redknapp in 1998, she had more success as a soloist before going into television.

Louise has shared the screen with Cat Deeley hosting a number of time with her on SM:TV and also CD:UK. She has also worked with Ant and Dec on the same show.

After the birth of her first child she decided to concentrate on motherhood rather then continue in the music industry though she tried to 6 weeks after giving birth.

Since then Louise has started to make a comback becoming the face of brands such as boots and omega 3 by flora. She has had a hit TV show “The Clothes Show”.

She will now be seen on the judging panel for So You Think You Can Dance, and we can’t wait.


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  • Michael Buckingham said:

    Excellent show but shouldn’t Louise be on a show called ‘so you think you can judge’! She really is the weak link. Who was responsible for her? They haven’t a clue.

  • Ellie xxx said:

    LOUISE is my fav judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JillKin said:

    I agree with Michael I’m afraid…sorry Louise. I guess you look the part, which goes a long way in the media..

  • Sue B said:

    Why is a non-dancer judging a dancing show?

  • Roisin said:

    well she is weak, I’ll agree with Michael and JillKin, but she is a good judge and a good dancer! :)

  • Sandy Halliday said:

    She has some valid comments to make. The voting is down to the audience in the end so I don’t think it matters if she is not a trained dancer.

  • so you think you can dance said:

    keep it up!

    I LIKE YOU…. ..

  • Grace said:

    Hey I love so you think you can dance!!!!
    Its the best show ever!!!
    I have been trying to get Louise’s hair style so I can do it on my clients!
    Lots of love!!!

  • indiana xxx said:

    i think u guys are watching the wrong show!! lou is an amazing judge!!! she has loads of gr8 things 2 say that the others hadnt thort of!!! u dont hav 2 be a trained dancer to be able to judge dancing. i think shes loverly. and gorgeus..

  • kiten said:

    I think she Is very good

  • kiten said:

    she is fab