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Nigel Lythgoe you may remember him as a judge on Pop Idol, getting the name “Nasty Nigel” in the process. He has since gone on to become one of the UK most valuable exports. For the past few years he has been working as Head Judge on the American Version Of So You Think You Can Dance.

Nigel is very knowledgeable in the world of dance and choreography, starting his career as a dancer. He became a choreographer for the “Young Generation and “The Nigel Lythgoe Dancers”, he has also worked with the likes of Shirley Bassey, The Muppets and The Royal Variety Performance which is watched by the Queen. Nigel has done work for over 500 shows, which has brought him a wealth of experience.

Not many people will know that Nigel produced shows such as Gladiators, Blind Date and in recent years the successful American Idol in 2002. After having six successive season in the US with So you think you can dance, he has now brought it to the UK.

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  • Dr. Stephan Mashuryan said:

    From: DrStephan
    Subject: Re: [Ticket#2010120742001652] Help
    To: “Customer Care”
    Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 9:52 PM

    Dear Marlene von Man,

    I have counted 1,443 votes from only people I am aware of who voted in Los Angeles and 14 people who voted in Mexico for Allen Ashrafyan in the Armenian version of “So you think you can Dance”. How is it possible that we are told that only 20 people have voted. Is this a conspiracy. Because if so we would like no further involvement in the show and a class action lawsuit will be charged for all the money we have all been charged and votes that have not been counted for Allen Ashrafyan in Armenia. We have voted to 97605 with the RRR ND_ and the numbers that correspond to his dance number each week and we get a message to which I have made certain every single person responds to with a yes. I have called verizon, sprint and at&t and made certain that the charges have gone through and that we are doing as your website is telling us. Also our friends from Mexico who have a different number and text to which they send sms to also are asking why they are receiving a charge to which their vote is not being accounted for. I ask that this email be escalated to a supervisor who can either call me directly at 323-804-3000 or email me as soon as possible to figure out why this is happening every week. Thank you for your time and I hope we can come to a resolution in a peacful manner and not have to take this to court. I will be forwarding this email to my attorney as well as the supervisor from Verizon, At&t and Sprint. Thank You for your time and I await for your response.


    Stephan Mashuryan, M.D.

  • Mike said:

    Hi everyone

    Look at me now Baby

    Hows it hanging


  • peepee said:

    he is so ugly
    he is really ugly
    look at him hes a doush

  • Roisin said:

    he is a good judge, even though he can be mean at times! :)

  • so you think you can dance said:

    why are you so mean 😀

  • angela said:

    Love Nigel, you got to have a bad guy