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Sisco Gomez has recently appeared as a judge through the auditon process as well as in the first live show. He is recognised as one of the most talented choreographers and dancers in a new generation of commercial dance.

Sisco has choreograhed with some of the best artists such as Kylie Minogue to Nike, and also has worked as a dancer with Janet Jackson to Pink. His full list of credits are displayed at the bottom.

He was awarded the Best New Choreographer award at the Carnival choreographer’s showcase UK ’05 & there’s been no stopping him since.

Below are some of his credits,

Choreography : Kylie Minogue, A’mei, Paula Abdul, Sugababes, Liberty X, Alexandra Burke, Nike, TroubleTV’s ’Bump n Grind’ & Judge / Choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine.

Dancing : Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Alexandra Burke, Charlotte Church, Geri Halliwell, Will Young, Jamelia, Redman, Pink, Sugababes, Rachel Stevens, Bobby Valentino, Fergie and was cast in ‘Bounce’-The Street Dance Sensation

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  • Ellie xxx said:



  • Marcus said:

    Sisco who??? Okay, seriously – I can understand why some people would find him interesting/attractive – but he’s another pseudo talented guy; a ‘c’ list celebrity – like hundreds of others. He has no real ‘life’ experience.

    To me, he’s just a nerd who has no concept of English grammar or dress sense – boot him off our TV screens and stop paying him from our licence fee!

    Thinking about it; if he’s popular in the Ukraine then great, I’ll even help with the airfare to send him…

  • Les said:

    Sisco is a blight on the show, he thinks everything is amazing !! very over used word. He also has some idea you can give 110% of something – nerd, and he dosn’t know which way to wear a cap, the peak is to keep the light out of your eyes not your ears, mind you he dosn’t know his A***s from his elbow. He’s a total looser and it’s time the BBC stuck to educated people to make comments not some wannabee pleb who has no idea what life is about never mind the clap trap he spouts on the show.

  • Graham Sheward said:

    Sisco Gormless i think.
    just disagrees with the rest to make an impression.???

  • AmandaD said:

    Sisco’s good, but the dancers aren’t a patch on the guys and girls on VirtualGym TV!

  • Michael said:

    Can’t stand this man, he thinks it is funny to insult the dancers…. I have no respect for him as a judge!!!

  • Ryan said:

    This show isn’t called “life experience” – he’s the most talented UK dancer/choreographer of his generation! FACT! Get over yourselves, he’s there because of his TALENT!!!
    Its not insulting, its criticism, if something looks a mess then call it what it is! We’re looking for THE BEST dancer in the UK – at times the dancers haven’t themselves any favors!!!
    Keep up the good work Sisco… In order to get on in this profession, dancers NEED to be told the truth!

  • JillKin said:

    I agree Ryan. Sisco just doesn’t conform to our “British” steretype. Why can’t we Brits be a bit more accepting of different cultures and styles? His cv is seriously impressive – there should be no question about his ability to judge! Go for it Sisco – we’re not all plebs in the UK!

  • Steven said:

    From his CV and on Air comments I can tell that he does not have enough experience in the other dance style that this show clearly showcases. I feel sorry for him, because Arlene and Nigel probably don’t take him serious. He is just there to keep the show young and current. Anytime it is not hip hop week he will be lost. He is amazed a lot of the time, because he only knows Hip Hop, so can only base his critic on performance most of the time, and appear to be significant by opposing the other judges. He has yet to acquire the dance vocabulary or an eye to critic technically trained dancers. I think he will make a good judge someday, but that day is not today and that show is not this one. I think his personality comes across a bit concocted although he is probably nice in person.

  • divina said:

    Well you could tell from his conspicuous ousting of Yanet that he couldn’t stand the thought of being upstaged by another Latin Diva, one room for one on the BBC? see Yanet’s interview http://candelalive.co.uk/news/dance-news/only-room-for-one-latin-diva

  • georgia kig said:

    i am in love with you and i hope you send a repley to me and i aldso love.

  • Nita said:

    Sisco well done on judging the show, it was a refreshing change for the BBC to get a judge that is current and very talented. I have been watching you on ‘you tube’ and can see why you have won awards and choreographed for so many people. You are a fantastic dancer. I hope you are back on it next year and ignore the comments of ignorant people. It’s about time the 60 year-old judges realised that there are young judges that can critic. Also makes a change to have a sexy male on tv, and you so are.

  • Frances said:

    “but he’s another pseudo talented guy; a ‘c’ list celebrity – like hundreds of others. He has no real ‘life’ experience”
    -Okkkkk. This is a dance show. I don’t think you should make comments like this if you clearlyyy know nothing about dance! It’s not about life experience at all. It’s about dance. Obviously. Sisco is a phenominal dancer and well respected choreographer for his talent. That’s why he is on the judging panel. And he more than deserves to be there.

  • keisha said:

    Why are people criticising sisco, your talking about “life experience” he’s been dancing for YOOOONKS and is amazing in various styles of dance- which im assuming those commenting wouldn’t know. its refreshing to have someone young in the dance scene being honest and knowing what he feels when he sees someone dance.

    about c list celebs, cheryl cole cant sing, or dance doesn’t know anything about being a quality artist because its all computerised, and yet shes a judge on the x factor and will also be in the US, sisco has actually LIVED this.

    so keep it moving

  • Freud said:

    He has so far proven to be mature for his young age, but as an oldie I want him to jump up on stage and show everyone how it’s done :)

  • Ste said:

    Well said Ryan. Seriously, Sisco is an international dance figure and for all you thinking he’s a C lister, or what not, then you seriously got your facts wrong.

    He’s in that sort of league where Superstars such as Madonna etc. have an extremely good rapport with him and he is possibly one of the most sought after commercial choreographers/dancers in the modern dance scene.

    Do you not think someone of this stature has a right to be critical and not just let any old tom, dick and harry through for the sympathy? He has attitude because he’s in a position to have it and in my eyes this business is a dog eat dog world and people don’t survive being ‘ok’.

    Also, how can he not be appropriate for the show? Its Nigel and Louise’s position I would be questioning. Sisco has a thriving career and is continuosly going somewhere. Nigel and Louise should just retire with style rather than just becoming more and more wrinkly on screen extracting every penny that gets thrown at them.

  • Lacey said:

    I think it’s good to see someone of Sisco’s age on the panel, he has a lot more experience than he is being given credit for by some of those who have commented. His CV is impressive, look him up & remember just how young he is.

    It’s also good to hear someone tell it how it is, in real life if you go to an audition judges generally don’t hold back in case they hurt peoples feelings.

  • Roisin said:

    Sisco is cool, people need to stop criticising him. he is young, and talented, so stop calling him a c lister, he has every right to be on this earth, the same as you guys!

  • Rachel said:

    I can’t understand why people leave messages just to slate others. I’m going to keep my comments brief!-
    Sisco is current, intelligent and great at what he does. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous! He has every right to judge dancing as he is a proven talented dancer and choreographer. He is mighty fine too! Xx

  • Glen said:

    I think the other 3 judges are good but Sisco needs to go. I wont watch the show on because his on it. I feel his points are not making a great contribution. Commenting on the contestants style. Take a look at himself. The man can’t even dress himself properly. I feel they can do away with Sisco and get another celebrity judge in. It might get the ratings up and get me watching it again. In the mean time I will just watch the US version

  • Steve said:

    Hi Sisco

    I just wanted to say thanks for wearing the Toronto Blue Jays ball cap, on the So you think you can dance episode that aired easier weekend 2011, as a Canadian living in the UK. Thanks I am not a normal viewer of the program, but i came in from work, turned on the TV, and saw you wearing that hat.. And really appreciated the show and all the effort that goes into it, and i have learned a little about your story, and that of diversity. keep up the inspiring work.

  • Lucy said:

    Anyone who cusses Sisco is a jealous idiot!
    The man is beautiful – and I don’t just mean asthetically… look at his eyes, you can see DEPTH man!

    To the boy who called Sisco a nerd for rating something 110% – who’s the nerd? I think that’s YOU for pulling someone up on such a thing.

    Sisco Sisco we got the flow. He gets me excited boy makes me wanna start rappin…

    This show is MEGA HEAVY WEIGHT pure class and it “satisfy my soul”. Too bad it gets poor ratings in the UK. Ashamed to be part of the Great british Public – what are they busy doing/ watching? Bloody Emerdale Farm? I watch on iplayer so I’m not exactly helping the poor ratings-fiasco… but still. Hope they bring it back every God damn year! Twice a year!

    Oh by the way, did I say that I love Sisco?

  • so you think you can dance said:

    what was with sisco’s ‘cleavage’ top on saturday??! like, oh my total gosh!!

  • Lizzie said:

    Can I just say he was trained in musical theatre, jazz and tap; so whichever imbecile decided that he has no idea about anything other than hip hop seriously needs to do some research. Also what’s the point in insulting him on his page? Can we not find better things to do with our lives than insult people who we don’t know in an anonymous environment? It’s pathetic and there’s a good chance you put him down to justify your own insecurities about your own failures.
    And for all of you insulting his judging skills he initially applied to So You Think You Can Dance (UK) as a choreographer not a judge, it was the BBC who made him a judge. So to all the ‘haters’ our there some advice:
    1. Don’t make assumptions about situations and people – all this displays rather than courage is ignorance, if you want to make a valid point that can be taken seriously please do some research first.
    2. I highly doubt you’re list of credentials are better than his or your ability to dance either, therefore don’t judge how hard or how good someone is at something which you have no idea about.
    3. You don’t have to like Sisco he’s not there to be your friend, he’s not even there to be contestant’s friends so man up and get over yourselves.
    4. The fact he’s not a ‘celebrity’ (which I hardly think is something to criticise him for) is not a valid insult either, he wasn’t chosen for his status in the public eye and to be honest unless your anything to do with the employment sector of the BBC it has nothing to do with you.
    5. Picking up on the giving 110% issue, unless you’ve ever performed I highly doubt you know what giving 110% is and yes as a theatrical performer I can tell you, you can give more than a 100%. Don’t be an A-hole about concepts you don’t understand.
    Sisco you’ve got balls man, you’ve got style, keep doing what you do.

  • indiana xxx said:

    u guys shud seriouslyy listen 2ur selves.
    i cba 2 reed anything u put … boring
    wat are u guys 100???
    i say hes cool with his own style and own opinions.
    u lotl find anything to complain about!!!!

  • angela said:

    I’m really shocked to read some of the comments, I note most of the negative ones are from guys – jealous? I think sisco is amazing, talented, great fashion sense and gives the judges a sense of cool. Thank god he’s on our TV.

  • Omar said:

    Sisco was a dancer in my dance company, Culture Shock Dance Troupe UK. I can say, without hesitation, that Sisco was one of the most amazing ‘raw talents’ I have ever seen. Whether you like him or not is completely irrelevant.

    What is relevant is that he is on the show and, in time, the public and producers will decide if he should stay or go. What do you think he brings to the show? Is it good or bad?

    I do wish he would stop saying ‘living’ and variations though.