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Review Of SYTYCD UK – Round One

9 January 2010 5,334 views 5 Comments

Anabel Kutay who performed a Jive routine with Drew McOnie was knocked out of the competition. Despite the fact that Jive was not her dance, she did very well in her performance and from her facial expressions, it looked as if she enjoyed it. However, this was not enough to keep her in the competition. Drew looked a lot stronger in the performance and with the Jive definitely suiting him, he performed it with ease and his personality seemed to burst out along with the music.

Chris Piper was the other contestant to be eliminated from the show after having performed the Samba with Hayley Newton. Even though his performance was very entertaining and clearly showed his enthusiasm and love for dance, some of the techniques associated with the Samba were not as strong as they should have been and he lacked the hip movements that Arlene was looking for. She stated that he “needs to loosen up.” So this week, we say goodbye to Anabel and Chris, but who will it be next week?

The first show really allowed us to see the potential of the dancers; it’s given us a taste of what’s to come. Each dancer seemed to have got a match that suited them style-wise and most couples managed to pick a dance style that worked to their benefit. The classic Broadway performance by Alastair and Mandy was the perfect way to open the show and introduce the level of dance we were about to see .

One surprising couple was Yanet; a salsa dancer and Robbie; a contemporary dancer pulled out the American Smooth Foxtrot out of the hat. Neither having danced it before gave a performance that stood out, thanks to the excellent choreography by James Jordan, and they could definitely be the dark horses of the competition.

Another couple that seemed to catch the eyes of the judges was Tommy and Charlie with their hip-hop routine. Although Tommy was stronger as it was his style of dance, Charlie coped extremely well. The bench routine showed the intricacies of the dance and she did each one of them in sync with her partner and the music.

Despite being a hip-hop routine, Mark and Lizzie’s performance managed to include the roots of dance with trademark moves as seen from the likes of dancers such as Fred Astaire.

Mark Baldwin provided Gavin and Chloë with challenging choreography for their contemporary routine which proved to be more difficult for Gavin who stated that he was not “used to that style of contemporary dance” however, judges noted that he looks to be a contender as during his rehearsals he showed true passion to learn different dancers. As for Chloë, she looked to be a natural contemporary performer as the routine appeared to be effortless, this pair worked well two together and made a good couple.

Overall, each couple had a solid performance and the standards have been set. It should be an interesting run and each week should bring about plenty of entertainment.

Highlights of all the performances have been posted and can be found here, we would love to hear your views – do you agree that Anabel and Chris were the ones to go? who did you like the best? who are your favourites?

Have a look at the music which featured on the show here:

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  • Carole said:

    Hayley should NOT have been in the dance off – she was way above the others – and amazing technique.

  • pozzer said:

    Hayley was brill on saturday, why she was in the bottom 2 in will never know???

  • Cara said:

    Hayley looked like a star on sat! stunning!!! and the dancing was amazing!! Cant wait to see her dance this week! shake it shake it!! Her and Chris had the hardest dance in the first week, they should not have been in the bottom two!! go Hayley!!!

  • lynn said:

    I’m really pleased Hayley got through to the next round …. the best girl won the dance off, can’t wait for Saturday.Beautiful and so talanted,go go Hayley. x

  • jelly said:

    Alastair and Mandy have class and great technique! looking forward to their next routine