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Review Of SYTYCD UK – Round Three

23 January 2010 4,974 views No Comment

This week Mark Calape was knocked out of the competition. His solo was strong and he always seems to move with the music with every beat showing in his moves. However, his contemporary performance alongside Mandy was not his best. The performance seemed rushed and uncomfortable; the style didn’t really suit the couple and the chemistry was clearly lacking, Nigel said the technique was not there but the judges were split in their decision. Louise and Sisco stated that the couple “lived the dance.”

We also say goodbye to Hayley Newton who performed a Hip Hop routine with Alastair whose solo performance was beautiful. So much strength was shown and he proved that it is not about quantity but quality. He used less moves but the ones he did were commanding.
Both Hayley and Alastair felt out of their depths before the performance but they proved to cope well with both being in synch. Despite their good performance, the judges criticised Hayley for her negative approach to hip hop and stated that she should have come into the dance with an open mind to ensure that it was performed to the best of her ability.

Drew and Lizzie danced disco which took Nigel and Arlene back to the 60s. Together they were full of energy and were very true to the disco era. Drew was very strong during the partnership and the judges commented on his ability to embrace every style given to him. His solo was very showbiz and brought out his personality. The solo performed by Lizzie portrayed her very unique and interesting style which at times she looked like a doll dancing.

What a hot salsa and a performance that makes you go “wow,” from Yanet and Tommy! The routine was quick paced and full of energy making it one of the best performances of the night. Tommy managed to keep up with the queen of salsa Yanet. Throughout the routine, all the moves were done with such ease that it looked almost effortless for both of them. Arlene said it was absolutely explosive. Both of their solos dominated the stage and showed their strengths. All the tricks were on show for each of them.

The performance of the night came from Charlie and Robbie who executed a moving lyrical routine about a woman suffering from cancer. The routine was very smooth and extremely moving, the emotion was clear in their facial expressions and in the intensity of their moves. Nigel praised Charlie for her ability to portray all of the emotions that a woman in that position would feel – shame, rage, pain, especially at her age. Moreover, Robbie showed all of the emotions felt by the silent partner who would need to help their loved one cope through all of the hard times, thus making their performance one of the best. By the end of it, it was clear to see that the piece had touched the audience and the judges. It even brought both Charlie and Robbie to tears.

Next week the competition steps up further and each dancer will want it even more so than now, knowing that staying in the competition means they will be in the quarter finals. Some of the performers are already struggling. They are beginning to doubt themselves as the dance styles are proving to be very demanding and challenging for them. Will they break under the pressure?

Highlights of all the performances have been posted and can be found here, we would love to hear your views – do you agree that Mark and Hayley were the ones to go? who did you like the best? who are your favourites?

Have a look at the music which featured on the show here:

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