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Review Of SYTYCD UK – Round Two

17 January 2010 3,931 views 2 Comments

This week we say goodbye to Chloë Campbell and Gavin Tsang who performed a Broadway number. The routine brought out Chloë’s personality and suited her very well. Gavin proved to be a determined dancer; he had a few stumbles but recovered well. Nigel commentated on Gavin’s marked improvement from last week; something that Louise Redknapp picked up on too. However, their solo performances were not enough to keep them in the competition.

Robbie and Yanet drew out a Hip Hop routine but their performance proved to be a lot weaker than last week. They were messy and some of the moves were not as strong as they needed to be. However, their performance was high in energy and their tricks were terrific.

The new couple – Hayley and Drew had an absolutely amazing performance full of emotion and power. Their contemporary dance told a story and their performance was one of the best of the night. The lifts were fantastic; and it was not just from Drew. Hayley showed her strength by throwing him about with, what seemed to be, such ease. From being in the bottom four last week, this performance definitely turned things around and showed that they deserved to be there.

The Cha Cha Cha performed by Alastair and Mandy was hot and sexy. Mandy was however, slightly stronger in the hips department but Alastair showed his strength with an incredible lift half way through the routine. Their performance showed their versatility and they worked well together once again.

One of two routines choreographed by Frank Gatson this week was a Pop Jazz ensemble for Charlie and Tommy. Tommy seemed to be having difficulties with the routine during rehearsals but came out with a solid performance. He looked as if he was all loved up and his movements told the story well. Charlie was slightly stronger showing off her legs with many amazing kicks.

The last performance was the one that caught the judges’ eye the most – Mark and Lizzie’s Viennese Waltz. Neither of them had ever performed such a dance. Mark had not even having heard of it. Sisco felt that their piece was the best of the night. The compliments kept coming with Arlene calling them the heart and soul of SYTYCD because of their ability to transform into the dancers of a waltz, holding their frames and showing beautiful extensions. Despite having a broken finger, Mark also pulled off incredible lifts.

This is only the second week yet some dancers seem to be having difficulties and look as if they are struggling with the dance styles and routines that they are being given. It should be interesting to see how they will cope as the show progresses when it will get even harder.

Highlights of all the performances have been posted and can be found here, we would love to hear your views – do you agree that Chloë and Gavin were the ones to go? who did you like the best? who are your favourites?

Have a look at the music which featured on the show here:

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  • Oz Marks said:

    Wow – did Hayley & Drew turn it round! I didn’t think they should have been in the bottom 4 last week. This week there was no-one to touch them. A fantastic performance and I think I’m falling in love with that girl – now that’s dancing!

  • megan ellianna said:

    dos anyone know where the show is filmed and how i can go to a live taping?