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Final 4 – A Chat with Katie Love

8 June 2011 6,752 views 2 Comments

Katie Love, the pink haired finalist of So You Think You Can Dance talks about the final and her plans if she wins with Reality Bites.

In the final week of So You Think You Can Dance, Katie says her competitive side is coming out as she wants the title of ‘Britain’s favourite dancer’ as well as the cash prize and the chance to go to Hollywood. With the money she could win, Katie says she would like to invest in a production; she plans to spend it properly and not waste it, but only after she’s bought an extravagant breakfast on Sunday morning with extra beans and bacon.

When asked who she thought should win if not her, she replied “we’re all winners. Let the best man win. I love them all, but Luke Jackson has pulled me through this contest and kept me sane. So from a personal point of view, Luke Jackson all the way.”

Inspired by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly films and a guy called Donald O’Connor, she prefers the old styles. Feeling that Contemporary is more her style, Katie named the Contemporary routine her and Matt performed together, as one of her favourites of the show as it suited her more than any other routine she’d done. She also talked about the Celine Dion Vegas shows which was run by Mia Michaels and said she would have loved to be a part of t and would go for it if it came back, other than that, she would like to work with Beyoncé as “her shows are incredible and her dancers are amazing.”

For Saturday night’s show Katie said “we’ve got even more to do. They definitely haven’t let up on the pace and power of the routines. I’m trying to keep focus and it’s one big push for the final Saturday. It should be an interesting night.”

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  • Julia said:

    Although I liked Luke very much as well, Katie was my favourite in this competition right from the start. She’s a total delight to watch. She’s so elegant, naturally athletic and tomboyishly lovely that she always held my attention. She’s a natural star and she’ll have a wonderful future.

  • Daisy said:

    Hi i am called Daisy and i just anted to say how good you are and me brother said you are really flexible it was a compliment by the way nice speaking to you love from Daisy