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Final 4 – A Chat with Kirsty Swain

10 June 2011 6,736 views 3 Comments

Kirsty Swain, finalist of So You Think You Can Dance talks about winning the show and her dream job.

Kirsty said she is starting to love dancing in Hollywood, something that had been a dream of hers since she was a little girl and if she won the show, it would be a huge prize for her and the money would of course be a plus. With the money up for grabs, she has plans already made, starting with buying everyone a drink, maybe buying a handbag, giving some to a hearing aid charity, sending her parents camping around Europe in a campervan, giving her brother something he would like and maybe, if her boyfriend proposed, the money would pay for the wedding.

Kirsty’s inspiration came from Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and other dancers of old school musicals as well as Janet Jackson. She also said she would love to work with Janet Jackson or someone like her or Aerosmith as she doesn’t follow boy-bands or pops-stars.

She prefers the old fashioned style, and from the series, has enjoyed the sexy dances like the tango, but she named her Bollywood routine with Lee B as her favourite as it was the most fun. In the future, Kirsty, who also sings, would love to play in Legally Blonde on the West End as Elle Woods.

For Saturday, she said “People should be tuning in on Saturday because they will be seeing a real spectacular show. I’m not supposed to tell you, but we fly in, we’ve got fireworks at the end and pyrotechnics. It’s Queen backing music. So that’s three amazing things in one – pyros, fireworks and Queen. I’m also doing a contemporary and a ballroom piece and they are beautiful. I think people will be crying their eyes out if they have followed our journey. All the music tracks this week are tearjerkers.”

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  • Caroline said:

    I think Kirsty would make an excellent Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the musical. I’d definitely pay to see her! Kirsty to win!

  • Pfeffernusse said:

    I adored watching Kirsty Swain on SYTYCD and I hope she gets all the career offers she wants. I hope we can see her on TV again.

  • Anne Munby said:

    Sorry you didn’t win but you were amazing we were all rooting for you we are a residential national (non signing) school for deaf children all profoundly deaf from the ages of 4 to 18 we would love you to come and visit us we are based in Berkshire. Would love to tell you more. Regards Anne