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Final 4 – A Chat with Luke Jackson

10 June 2011 8,522 views 6 Comments

One of the final four, Luke Jackson, talks about his preparations for Saturday, winning and his heroes.

Coming into the final for Saturday, the workload has increased but Luke said he is fully fit and is just going to go for it. Winning the £50,000 would make all the hard work worthwhile especially since he has been learning to dance since he was a child; Luke said “it’s like I’ve finally achieved what I set out to do…be a great dancer.” With the money, Luke said he’d put a deposit down on a flat in London to have a life here as there is nothing more he’d like to do than continue as a dancer and afford to live in London; “it’s where you need to be.” If he does not win, he would like to see Katie win it despite having known Matt for so long, he says it’s more competitive between the two.

As a child, he was inspired by John Travolta and loves the old classics such as Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive; the sequel, and Chorus Line. The ballroom dance routines in the show have really provided the biggest challenge for him and as a dancer, he is happy that he has conquered the challenges and is more able to do such routines. For the future, he would like to work with Madonna as “all of her concerts, shows and videos have always featured dance and respected it and she’s always got amazing routines.”

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  • emma said:

    GO ON LUKE!!!!!!!!
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

  • Adele said:

    Luke, you have been a joy to watch every week,you are truely an inspirational dancer,you are a winner in every sense of the word, and have a wonderful bright future ahead of you. You really did your Mum proud.

    Good luck and God bless you.

  • Anne said:

    Luke, I’m sorry you didn’t win but as you’re a stunning dancer I’m sure producers are queueing up to give you a job.

  • Nicola said:

    Visually and technically, Luke was amazing. Please can we have the Luke Jackson calender!

  • Julia said:

    Luke, you’re just astonishing. A really exciting dancer, and so outstandingly talented. I loved every moment you were on stage. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

  • Sandra McArthur said:

    So sorry you didn’t win last saturday thought your dancing ability and performance were just fab. Think the BBC treated you dreadfully after the result was announced absolute disgrace that your 2nd place was neither acknowledged or highlights shown, wish you well in the future X