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Final 4 – A Chat with Matt Flint

8 June 2011 6,133 views 3 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance tapping finalist Matt Flint who is hoping to become £50,000 richer on Saturday night talks future dreams, winning, heroes and more.

In an interview with Reality Bites, Matt spoke about being inspired by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, learning from them and how after ten years of hard work, he is ready to put in all his efforts and is determined to win So You Think You Can Dance. Last week, he said he slightly injured his back but this has since gotten better and despite being extremely tired, he is pushing through especially since he has achieved his aim of getting into the final. If he does not win, he said he would like to see either Katie or Luke win. He recalled competing against Luke ten years ago in college saying it’s now happening all over again, and called Katie “the most beautiful dancer.” Matt also said that the Contemporary routine he performed last week alongside Katie was one of his favourites and throughout the series he’s enjoyed Mandy Moore’s routines.

After the show, Matt wants to move away from musicals and get into choreography and more commercial work. He has enjoyed being on television and prefers the style of dancing and learning involved compared to that of musicals in which he said “with musicals, you spend six weeks learning and then do the same thing every night. On telly, you spend a short amount of time learning; you do it, and then move on. You’re always doing new projects.
I want to do short exciting projects whether they be choreography or dancing.” If alive, he would have liked to dance with Michael Jackson as him and his dancer inspired Matt growing up; he said the guys in MJ’s videos were more athletic and stylised and actually danced like guys. Out of today, he said Justin Timberlake is one he’d want to dance with.

To close the interview, Matt encouraged people to watch the show on Saturday as “there’s no other dance show like this on telly. It features professionals, not amateurs or celebrities. It tests the best dancers to do the best choreography and it’s so varied as well. It’s a great night’s

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  • Aimée Nicholls said:

    hi, I am one of the fascinated people that have been watching you dance. and I think what you have done has been amazing and hope that in the future I will be able to dance like you. at the moment I am grade 3, first year for tap. yeh, I know I have a long way to go. And I’m 15. my question for you is what age did you start tap and what grade would you say you where when you shopped doing your grades?

    thank you for the inspiration and good luck, Aimée

  • Daisy said:

    hiya you are really good when i first saw you on so you think you can dance i said to myself i know he is going to win i really like the workshop you done at we’ve got talent thank you so much. love from Daisy

  • Daisy said:

    But my Question for you is what aged did you start tap and why xxxx