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SYTYCD UK Round 4 Review

15 May 2011 4,787 views No Comment

Well this time we say goodbye to not two dancers, but four, one couple now out are Rithy and Shane. They performed a contemporary routine showing a slower, calmer side to them, but it didn’t work so well. Compared to all their other performances, this was probably their weakest dance, and one of the weakest performances of the night; the judges were not impressed. Although it was beautiful to watch and was a nice change to the atmosphere and mood of the show, their connection wasn’t as strong as in their other routines and it didn’t flow.

Also out is Danielle who performed a lyrical hip hop routine alongside Luke. The judges believed Luke outshone her for this dance, however, she was strong and together they worked really well. This was by far one of the better lyrical hip hop routines we’ve seen this competition, it actually played on the words of the song and both dancers made the story come alive.

We also see Lee C exit the competition; he performed a Broadway routine with Katie. Usually Katie shines through and really attacks the dance but this time around the judges felt she lacked the same passion for dance that she had when she first came into the competition. Compared to previous dances the couple have performed, this wasn’t their best, the story didn’t work and the normal flare was missing from this performance. Saying this, it still looked cute and fun, it just wasn’t as good.

A couple who didn’t have a good night were Tom and Katrina, Katrina was again so much better than Tom, who seems to be disregarding the criticism the judges constantly give him. Instead of progressing in his abilities, he’s just stationary with his partner miles ahead of him. He really needs to pull it together and step up his game otherwise he might be going home; he’s looks to be one of the weakest dancers in the show.

To open the show, Matt and Charlotte performed a superb Lindy hop, so full of energy, so lively and fun, again, a perfect performance despite it not being a familiar dance for Charlotte; she was amazing. They definitely are one of, if not, the, strongest couple in the competition. It was so entertaining and was a great way to start the show.

Another amazing performance was done by Israel and Bethany-Rose who did a commercial routine. Israel finally showed his abilities, he managed to keep up with Bethany-Rose who made the dance extra sexy and attacked it so well. It was full of passion, strength and fire and both were in sync throughout; it was their best performance so far in So You Think You Can Dance, to top it off they ended the dance with a sexy kiss.

Last to perform were Kirsty and Lee B, and certainly a great way to end the night with their Argentine Tango. Not an easy dance to learn, very technical with intricate moves, but they managed to ace it within a week. Kirsty is amazing to watch, every move comes through her body so beautifully and Lee is an exceptional dancer. They made the dance so hot, full of passion and received full on praise from the judges. They seem to be a couple to look out for.

The group performance to Lady Ga-Ga’s ‘Born This Way’ was packed with energy, they looked like they had a lot of fun with it and we got to see the similar dancers paired up so individual talents shone through.

Overall, a very good week, the standard of the competition has hit a new high, who will crumble under the pressure? What did you think of the performances, did the right people go? We welcome your own opinions, you can add them below.

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