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SYTYCD UK Round 5 Review

23 May 2011 4,839 views 5 Comments

This week, the top ten had to learn two new dance styles. Some couples adapted to this better than others, one couple; Tom and Katrina, to the judges, did not rise to this challenge as well as they could have so are now out of the competition.

They opened the showed with a Salsa number that lacked hips, sex appeal and normal salsa choreography.

Although Tom tried harder this week, which could be seen in his performance, it was not enough, both looked as if they were trying too hard.

The second dance they performed was a Jazz routine which did not work either. There were little mistakes being made and gain, no sex appeal. Both of their dances were weak.

Also in the bottom two couples were Bethany-Rose and Israel who performed a lyrical hip hop routine followed by a Charleston. The lyrical hip hop number to Rihanna’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ was so strong and full of emotion. The couple told the story brilliantly, every move was beautiful to watch. Their second dance of the night however, was not as strong, there were quite a few mistakes but they kept it together. Also, the classic ‘pecking’ move of the Charleston should have been stronger; the couple seemed to have less energy for this dance. However, it was fun to watch and it really suited Bethany-Rose, not so much Israel, but together they made it work.

They were followed by Charlotte and Matt who picked out Disco and Contemporary this week. Both performances were amazing once again, every week they seem to pull out great routines. Their disco routine was lively, fun and energetic, however, if they had more old school moves; classic 60s, 70s style; it could have been better. Their contemporary routine was a big change of style; it was packed with emotion that seemed to ooze from their bodies. The connection between these two is unbelievable; they really do dance as one. Charlotte looked so light on her feet and they made the dance look effortless.

This week Kirsty and Lee B performed a Broadway routine, hippy style. Although it looked really good; very free and loose, slightly calming, the story is not something everyone would be able to understand as it was based on the musical ‘Hair’. It was not a typical Broadway routine and the judges did not like it as much as previous routines done by the pair. They also had a hip hop routine which was not the best either especially technically. However, they did
play on the song really well.

Last up were Katie and Luke who had to do a Commercial routine and a Viennese Waltz. For their first routine, Luke stole it from Katie whose legs seemed to be dead at some points; she has to pick it up to keep up with his energy and flare. However, their Waltz was absolutely gorgeous to watch; it was so graceful and elegant and seemed so effortless for the couple. It is a shame that they were not partners from the start.

Overall a good week in which we got to see new dance styles but this was the final week in which the couples are together. Now down to eight dancers, no partnerships, so we will get to see their individual talents.

What did you think of the performances, did the right people go? We welcome your own opinions, you can add them below.

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  • Jacquie said:

    It’s about time the producers evened out the playing field and gave the dancers equal chance to show their ability. Too much of the program relies on the ability of the choreographers and even though this is true of the world of professional dance, where dancers have to step up to the mark whatever the standard of the choreography, it is not a fair way to expect the dancers to show their abilities and gain the love of the viewers so that they vote for their ‘favourite’ dancer.

    The dancers that are given the smiley, popular, broadway style dances (known crowd pleasers)in the first few weeks and more often than the others, are at an immediate advantage over those given the more technically demanding but less popular styles. Even if the program’s format prevents the dancers doing the same dances as each other (not good for the viewers), shouldn’t they be given the chance to perform each discipline over the weeks like they do on ‘Strictly’?

    Arlene keeps telling us we should be voting for our favourite dancer but when judging seems obsessed with the progress of Israel and previously Katrina (the ballerina who had already trained in other styles) – what are we supposed to be voting for Arlene?

    I know who really shines, is modest, likeable, natural and technically superior – which the judges seem to take for granted – KATIE LOVE!

    I hope the producers, choreographers and judges take a look and decide what they really want from the show.

  • sharon said:

    Hi Jacquie, Its always interesting hearing from other people’s take on these shows. Interesting too where you got the information that Katrina Ballerina had previously trained in other styles? Apart from doing a once a week modern and tap class at her local dance school up to the age of 12 years old, she only had ballet training up until she was 18. After she left “Royal” she went to Central School Of Ballet for 3 to 4 months. Does this class her as having trained in other styles? Also when you go into a show like this you can choose which genre you come under. For instance Danielle went to The Royal Ballet then to Laine Theatre Arts but still went in as a contemporary dancer. Katrina couldn’t have really gone in as anything other than a ballet dancer. She loved every minute of being on the show and most of all she got to work with so many great choreographers which she’s admired. This opportunity has opened so many doors not only for her but all the contestants on the show. Thanks for listening and hope to get a reply back.

  • Lucie said:

    I think the programme is fiddled for Kate to win , Charlotte was picked on , and now gone fiddle fiddle fiddle .They picked on her all night , so we knew she was for the chop , its not the public voting , she was a fret to Kate , and if she wins , then I know this show is a mockery , and it was done to make money , as they all ready had there winner

  • Liyah said:

    Bethany Rose to win, 2nd place Katie. And you are right Jacquie, Arlene’s favourite is most definitely Katie. She makes no secret of it either. Whatever happened to her being a judge? She’s becoming too big for her little boots. It’s about time she gave constructive criticisms or just shut the hell up!

  • Lizzie said:

    Hi All – it is so interesting to come on here and read everyones comments. I loved Charlotte as she is a local lass but I think the right decision was made on Saturday to send her home – she is still very young and she looked very young and a bit out of her depth when dancing with the other girls. However, Bethany was way out of time in her routine with Luke and although she is technically good and very attractive I personally don’t feel she has the star quality and little something extra that both Katie and Kirsty seem to have – their personality and charisma come over in their performances but I don’t find this so with Bethany – however this is my personal opinion. I find the same can be said for Luke (as it was for Shane) – lovely to look at and technically very good but just lacking charisma, that certain something, which Matt just seems to have. I love, love, love Lee B (consistent and so talented – he just seems like a lovely bloke) but I don’t think he will win it against Matt – I think he is the winner of this series (and am I right in thinking there can only be one winner?). All the best to you all and roll on Saturday!