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SYTYCD UK Quarter Final Review

29 May 2011 7,783 views No Comment

It was the quarter finals, the couples were split up and new ones were formed but throughout the night, the dancers were being judged individually. They were judged separately on their paired performance, as well as on a solo performance and a group performance. Out of the bottom four; Bethany-Rose, Charlotte, Israel and Lee B, the two now out are Charlotte and Israel.

Charlotte’s solo was bubbly and we got to see her spinning that got her into the competition in the first place, but it was not the best solo. She was paired with Lee B whose solo was very unique and gripping to watch. The pair performed a Contemporary routine which was a great performance, more so for Lee. They made a good team, however, the judges said the dance exposed Charlotte; her technique was not right, compared to Lee’s whose was perfect, and her face did not tell the story properly.

This week, Katie and Israel became a pair and performed a Broadway routine. Although Katie’s technique was flawless, and the style really did suit her in every way, at some points in the dance, it looked as if she did not trust Israel. Despite his solo performance being a decent one showing his hip hop abilities, for the Broadway routine, he did not look as comfortable. For some of the lifts he looked nervous, but he managed to keep it together and perform it well, but was not as strong as Katie. There were little hiccups within the routine but overall it was a good performance.

Bethany-Rose was one of the first solo performances which was lively, full of energy and was a strong performance. This week she was teamed up with Luke whose solo was very good; he uses his body, his height and the length of his limbs to his advantage. Together they performed a Hip Hop routine that, for her, went wrong from the start. She was all over the place, not in time with the music or in sync with her partner, and for some of the moves it looked like it took all of her energy to get back up and perform. Luke on the other hand, attacked the dance and showed strength, technically, he was not the best but he did not look as if he struggled, whereas Bethany-Rose did. She really needs to step up her game for the semi finals.

The last couple to perform was Kirsty and Matt, who picked out a Rumba. Both are amazing dancers, very strong in their previous couples, and when paired together, the strength remained. They adapted to each other and the style so well. Their Rumba was slow, sweet and hot all over; a great performance. They also both had fantastic solos, Kirsty’s was so cute, lively, upbeat and extremely fun to watch, and Matt’s was full of tricks; his tapping talents finally got to be seen after so long.

After all of the solo and paired performances, the sexes split for their group numbers. The girls kicked it off with a very well choreographed Jazz routine. Out of the four, Kirsty stood out the most; she kept the character and made no mistakes. Bethany-Rose also did well, had the character and the sexiness down. Charlotte looked to have the most energy, but as with her paired performance, the facial expressions did not match the story. Usually one of the strongest dancers, Katie, did not outshine the others this time around; she was hardly noticeable for this routine.

This was then followed by the boys’ jazz routine which was the best routine to date that has ever been performed on So You Think You Can Dance. Each one of them were fantastic, they all looked extra hot, smooth, and they owned the routine as individuals and as a group.

Overall a good show, now onto the semi-finals and that bit closer to the final, weak spots were definitely seen this week, but how will it be next week? Who will fall under the ever increasing pressure and who will triumph?

What did you think of the performances, did the right people go? We welcome your own opinions, you can add them below.

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