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SYTYCD UK Semi Final Review

5 June 2011 27,876 views 10 Comments

Semi-finals and the dancers had to learn five routines for the night. The remaining six opened the show with a very lively and entertaining group dance. They then split for a paired performance, followed by solos, then a group dance by each of the sexes and finally one more group dance in the results show.

Now out of So You Think You Can Dance, despite both having a very good night, are Bethany-Rose and Lee B. The two were paired together this week and performed a Cha-Cha routine that set the standard for the night. Although it was not a typical Cha-Cha routine, it consisted of amazing lifts that really tested their strength, especially from Lee B, and showed their trust in one another. Lee was as good as always and performed a solo that looked fun from the start. This week was definitely a better one for Bethany-Rose; her solo also showed a nice change from her normal sexy routines to a slower, softer performance.

Also in the bottom was Katie who performed a very emotional Contemporary routine alongside Matt. It was slow and strong, the passion of the dance was so easily seen especially with the leap by Katie; Louise even said the routine was perfection. Her solo was also stronger than last weeks with no mistakes this time. Matt, once again, was technically brilliant in the paired performance; he seems to adjust to every style but is outstanding when it comes to his normal tapping ways; his solo was simply a joy to watch.

Luke was the other dancer to be in the bottom, he performed a Broadway routine with Kirsty. Luke was perfect throughout the routine, the fast paced and upbeat choreography would usually be harder for someone of his height, but he hit every move as he should have. His solo was also very expressive, full of high jumps and beautiful extensions. The Broadway routine was fun, bubbly and cute; the prom night theme was so similar to Grease and Kirsty, in the dress she wore, with her facial expressions and personality, was so much like the character of Frenchie, however, the judges believed she was weaker than Luke which, to some extent, let him down. This was also the case with her solo; it was not the best she has done although she did convey strong emotions in it.

After all of the solos and paired performances, the boys performed a hot Paso Doble. It was the perfect routine from the guys yet again. There were no mistakes, they were in sync and hit every step right. Each of them attacked it full on, and individually they were so strong, but together they were even better. Out of them all, Luke stood out the most; the dance really suited him and his stature as he performed it, was gripping.

This was then followed by the girls, who did a Contemporary routine which started out of sync but got better. The canon effect worked really well, with the snow and the white dresses, the whole piece was really beautiful, calming and peaceful; a very nice contrast to the boys’ routine and for this routine, Bethany-Rose was more eye-catching than the other two.

In the results show, the dancers performed another group routine, 60’s style, which was packed with energy, character and it looked as if they all had a great time doing this routine; it definitely worked more in the favour of Luke and Kirsty as their personalities just shone through.

Now onto the finals and down to the final four; Matt, Katie, Luke or Kirsty, who will be crowned the winner of So You Think You Can Dance?

What did you think of the performances, did the right people go? Who do you think will win? We welcome your own opinions, you can add them below.

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  • Kerry said:

    The dancing in this series has been amazing, I have found the boys really have given it all and are compelling to watch. Their Paso was brilliant, they don’t moan as much as the girls in studio and work as a team. I wish SYTYCD should do some live shows like Strictly and X Factor, if this is planned please let me know as I would definately be there! Bring on the next season and MATT FLINT TO WIN!!!!

  • Kirsty said:

    Leeb should have gone through. A really exciting and different dancer, very sad to hear that he has gone.
    The boys this year are definitely the more exciting and interesting.

  • Jasmine said:

    I didnt like what Nigal said when bethany rose and katie were in the bottom two, that unfortunatly its britains favourite dancer not britains best. this made me feel that if kirsty was in the bottom two he had already made his mind up that she would be leaving.

    Kirsty was the one out of the three girls that has never been in the bottom two like wise matt for the boys, these two are the most consistant and deserve to be in the final!

  • Jackie said:

    I agree with you Jasmine, Nigel should n’t have said that after Kirsty had been chosen by the viewers. As the judges keep saying ” its up to the viewers ”

    I really felt for Kirsty. But then again he is called ” nasty Nigel “

  • Jacquie said:

    Kirsty was the one moaning on Saturday because her hair got in her eyes, poor thing perhaps she should have pinned it back, shaved it off or put up with it like true “Professional” dancers do!!!!

  • Lizzie said:

    I was so so sorry to see Lee B go on Saturday night – he is so original and versitile and definitely my favourite boy in the competition (although I do really like Matt). I am sorry to say that yet again the judges and the voting public have gone for the stereotypical male dancer type with Luke (I am not saying he is not a good dancer, I just don’t find him as interesting and inspiring to watch as Lee). I do feel gutted for Lee – he could not have done more and I do hope he has a great deal of success as he deserves it. I, too, wish the makers of the show would do a live show – I would definitely be there and so would my 4 year old daughter!! As for Nigel’s comment about Kirsty I am really glad she has gotten through to the final. Firstly she has overcome a lot with her disability to do what she dreamed of doing, she is not the stereotypical waif-like dancer as the others are and she(and I think this is correct!) has never come in the bottom with the public vote. She is a good role-model all round. The judges have consistently ignored their television voting audience week on week by putting Bethany Rose through when she has been in the bottom two – although technically a good dancer something about her obviously did not click with the viewers at home but the judges chose to ignore this repeatedly. I think overall Matt is likely to be the winner as he is the most consistent and versitile of all the dancers in the final. I wish them all good luck for Saturday’s final.

  • Jasmine said:

    sorry Jacquie but as a dancer myself i can tell you that it is very hard to dance if you cant see or something, all kirsty said was she couldn’t see throughout the performance i dont call that moaning/complaining something which bethany rose did a lot. it wasnt kirsty’s fault that her hair was in her face as it is done for her by the hair stylist..

    i will defend kirsty 100% she is AMAZING and a very good role model

  • Chloe said:

    Bethany rose should not have gone, she was by far a better dancer than the other two,i think her second solo let her down, it didnt seem urgent enough, having said that her first solo where she wore white was amazing, every week the dancers solos are pretty much the same, luke amazing as he is, will always do the same sort of moves to the same sort of songs, and bethany did not, the judges always say show us something different and she did that. and nigel wasnt being mean by hinting that kirsty isnt the best dancer, because she isnt,and it is the judges job to be honest. bethany was my favourite by far and with her gone i will be backing matt.

  • kim said:

    it was shocking bethany rose went home, she is far better than kirsty , n now i just wish kaite beats the shit out of her haha ,,, xx

  • anna said:

    I was sorry to see Bethany-Rose go last week as I thought she was a beautiful dancer and I dont recall her moaning or complaining. I wish all 20 of them the best for the future. I am devastated to hear that the BBC are planning to axe this wonderful talent contest. I too would attend the live show’s if they ever decided to tour them. Very best wishes to the talented 4 who are in tomorrow’s final, can’t wait