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SYTYCD UK The Final Review

12 June 2011 10,099 views 3 Comments

The final has come and gone, and Matt Flint has now become ‘Britain’s favourite dancer.’ Luke placed second, Katie third and Kirsty fourth.

For the final show, the dancers had to do three couples routines, a solo performance and a group number which was the opening performance. The dancers performed a Pop-Jazz routine to ‘Don’t stop me now’ which was the best opening possible to the show. It was so fun and all of them looked like they enjoyed every second of the routine, there was not a foot, hand, stretch, jump; a move, out of place.

This was then followed by Matt and Katie who performed a Jazz routine; it was so strong, full of fire and attack, the judges even felt that the number set the standard really high for the night. Matt, as always, adapted to the style and was brilliant and together with Katie, they pulled out a flawless routine but this time, compared to previous weeks, Katie really looked to be in her element.

Kirsty and Luke then came out with a Contemporary routine that was packed with lifts, and somewhat more of Luke dancing rather than both of them. The piece was very emotional and Luke showed off his flexibility; the way he moves is simply amazing especially for the height he is, he also showed off his technical abilities which were perfect. Although Kirsty was not as technically great, she, as always, put all her efforts and emotions into the performance, as she does with every dance, and her personality, again, just shone through which easily sells the dance and draws you in.

Each dancer then performed their solo; their chance to really show how much they wanted to win; Katie was up first with a very good, solid performance. Next up was Matt and his tapping self; absolutely amazing of a performance. Kirsty then showed off a sexy side; her solo was full of flare and she ended it nicely in the splits. Lastly was Luke who’s solo was full of gorgeous extensions, he also played with each beat of the song really well.

Kirsty and Matt then performed a beautiful, romantic, calming and graceful, American Smooth Foxtrot. For this routine, Kirsty nailed the technique; both did extremely well, Matt was full of charm and Kirsty was so elegant. They performed the routine properly; Matt led and Kirtsy let him, something that is hard to adapt to, the steps were perfect and the judges saw the connection between the pair.

Another ballroom dance was done; this time being the Tango by Luke and Katie. The dance was not as strong or as sharp as it should have been. Despite this being said, it was very entertaining and passionate, overall a good performance and the lifts looked effortless for Luke, but there needed to be more attack for it to be a great routine.

The boys then came out with a Tap number which was one of the best couple routines this season; nothing went wrong in it; it was a performance that could leave a person speechless. Although Matt is a tapper by nature; he did not outshine Luke, who kept up with everything; both were fantastic; hit every step in time with the music and one another and they were both so charming and charismatic.

This was followed by the girls who performed a Broadway routine that was a little out of sync at the start but they picked it up and overall it was very entertaining. Their play on the song ‘Defying gravity,’ the way they used the speed and lyrics of the music was just excellent. The pair together; Katie’s technique and Kirsty’s personality; really made the dance something superb; and their use of harnesses was an incredible way to end the show and the season.

In the results show, the top 20 came back for one last performance, was definitely great to see them all back with such a bubbly, fun routine. The routines this week were all fantastic and the night was a real test for the dancers. This final was high in standards and they all really did dance for their lives but now it is all over, the season has finished, but the question is, will there be another season or is the end of So You Think You Can Dance?

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  • jojo said:

    will the show return for 2012 & when are the auditions

  • annalisa said:

    When will be the auditions for the next season?
    Thank you very much

  • Martin Mendy said:

    when will the auditions for 2012 begin?? thanks